Buy a Piece of the CryptoPunk

CryptoPunks are the highest-valued and fastest-growing NFT’s in the market, but the high floor has priced out all of us, the average guys.


Because of this, the rich keep getting richer, and we keep missing out on outsized earning opportunities.

  • Buy as little or as much as you want
  • Quick access during fast price action
  • Broader portfolio exposure


Equal Access

We are democratizing access to CryptoPunk gains by crowdsourcing the purchase of the cheapest punk on the market, so that together, we can all participate in NFT’s highest-earning asset.

  • After 182 days, punk is auctioned off
  • Fourteen day auction to attract buyers
  • Based on market prices

Immediate Returns

With CryptoPunkPool, once payment is received from the auction, returns are given back in proportion to the amount put in. If you invest $12,000 and the punk returns 3x, you receive $36,000.


  • Returns immediately sent back to you
  • Safe, trusted custodian
  • Chance for outsized financial result

Top Grade Security

We are evaluating different money pooling solutions. At the moment, we are most likely to use www.PartyBid.app, which enforces the distribution on the smart contract, preventing any unintended removal of funds.